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07/2020: Our work on the EU Enhance project highlighted by the EU Innovation Radar!

07/2020: Organised seminar with Imperial College AI Network and Robotics forum on AI/Robotics in Healthcare.

07/2020: Paper accepted at IEEE/RSJ IROS'20 on real-world human-robot collaborative reinforcement learning.

06/2020: Invited talk at ICRA2020 WS on Human-Robot Handovers on Explainable Human-Robot Interaction

05/2020: Preprint on how human motor coordination affects supernumerary robotic human augmentation

03-05/2020: Working from home with the COVID-19 restrictions - be safe out there!

03/2020: Invited talk at the University of Cambridge, Human Enhancement Seminar on Explainable Robotics

03/2020: Preprint on real-world human-robot collaborative reinforcement learning

01/2020: Happy New Year! New year, new CV ;-)

12/2019: Preprint on human-robot collaborative learning with deep RL - at NeurIPS'19 WS on Robot Learning .

10/2019: Preprint on the use of action grammars to consistently improve sample efficiency in RL agents.

10/2019: Featured on the Imperial College London website on the topic of explainable intelligent robotics.

09/2019: Preprint + video: how human gaze attention prediction helps train better autonomous driving agents.

07 & 08/2019: Summer break + Some quality time in the lab working on some new cool things - stay tuned! :)

06/2019: Invited talk at "From BCI to Human Robot Augmentation" workshop, the Hamlyn Symposium 2019.

06/2019: 1 x Paper accepted at IEEE IROS'19 on hierarchical reinforcement learning for robot manipulation.

06/2019: Organising half-day workshop on Human-in-the-loop AI at the London AI Summit.

05/2019: 2 x Papers being presented at IEEE ICRA'19 on human-in-the-loop robotics. Details here.

05/2019: Successful final review meeting of ENHANCE project - reviewers commended our work specifically.

04/2019: Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for interpretable robotic manipulation - our latest pre-print.

03/2019: IMechE, interviewed on the MIT Mini Cheetah Robot, by B. Katz et. al.

02/2019: CNN, interviewed on the MIT Jenga Robot, by N. Fazeli et. al., Science Robotics, 2019.

01/2019: Invited talk at the University of Cambridge, Stephenson Society on "Human-in-the-loop Robotics"

01/2019: 2 x Papers @ IEEE ICRA'19 - Physical Human-Robot Interaction, with human-in-the-loop methods.

12/2018: AI @ Imperial, I have been appointed as manager of Imperial College's Cross-Faculty AI Network.

11/2018: CNBC, interviewed on the state of AI and its misrepresentation ("AI" news anchor in China)

10/2018: Sky News, interviewed on a robot appearance during MPs' meeting (Pepper the robot with MPs)

10/2018: Attending IROS 2018, running our WS, and chairing the deep learning session.

09/2018: Read our work on a gaze-based, context-aware assistive robotic system; available now on arXiv.

06/2018: Book on soft robotics for minimally invasive surgery.

05/2018: 3 x Papers @ IEEE BioRob'18 on a supernumerary robotic thumb, computer vision, and MMG/FES.

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